As a process quality expert, I can tell you why there will be again.

I taught Quality and Manufacturing Statistics to Fortune 100 companies for many years. We talked about Zero Defects. Every process should try to have Zero Defects.

But there is variation in everything, and there is a cost to controlling variation. Life and death situations may justify the costs, but even then, there is no guarantee of Zero Defects.

When you want to reduce errors and defects, you assess the processes, look for the areas with potential for failure, and put changes in place that will reduce…

The quickest way to become free is to become homeless. Give up all of your material connections, your relationships, your commitments. Live moment to moment, with no ties to the past, no attachments to the future, no responsibilities in the present.

That may seem extreme, but it’s also extreme how words get thrown around these days with emotional charge attached. The result, and I would assert the purpose, is getting people stirred up for and against. “Freedom” is one of those words used to get people charged up.

I did a quick Google search for the actual definition:


  1. the…

Sometimes avoidance is an effective strategy. The weather is bad. Stay inside for awhile and it will change. You feel a little irritable. Give it some time and you’ll feel better. You have a disagreement. Go apart and come back and all may be forgotten.

When I was studying engineering in college, sometimes I would get stuck on a problem. I usually studied at a table in the dining room. When I got stopped I often put my head down on my folded arms, closed my eyes and waited, sometimes dozing and sometimes just letting my mind wander. After a…

Almost 20 years ago I was contemplating the meaning of life on Planet Earth. I was looking for a purpose, for a meaning to my own life. As I often do, I was writing my musings in my journal and as also often happens, some answers popped into my head — that life on Earth is a Big Game.

It started as a sci fi story. This is some of what I wrote those many years ago:

“The basic idea of the game is to create a game. You have certain rules that you have to operate within, but…

The financial decisions for our country are being made by politicians, business executives and investors with a limited range of experiences of financial decisionmaking. We need them to become more financially knowledgeable about the decisions others face.

If I had stayed in my corporate bubble in IBM I wouldn’t have learned from experiencing the highs and lows of being a corporate consultant, a founder of startups, and a successful small business owner of both services and products. I consciously chose to leave a financially comfortable life. My steady income was at the top 5% of women wage earners, and I…

I’m experiencing deep sorrow and anger caused by acknowledging the need to let go of people I love and respect. I find I can’t speak up right now without recognizing a huge divide and corresponding pain of that separation, yet I cannot be quiet anymore.

It has taken lots of energy to listen to opinions that are in direct opposition to mine and to modulate my response. I just don’t have the energy or patience to be nice. I need to let go. I remain open to joining on complementary paths in the future

I’m looking for my tribe, the…

Let’s face it, we’ve all been naughty

It starts young — coloring outside the lines, staying out later than you’re supposed to, and even worse…or better. We get a zing at the risk of it, the daring, the adventure.

That’s a good thing sometimes — as long as it’s not outside the law of course. But the flip side of that statement is equally true.

Sometimes It’s Naughty to Be Nice

I held a meeting about accelerating sustainability solutions recently. About creating an immersive environment to get to solutions quicker. How to commercialize products that have been developed. How to change policies to support new solutions. …

I posted something that happened to have a ”Black Lives Matter” banner at the top of the site. I didn’t think much about it, but a couple of the people that received it did. Quite frankly their response surprised me.

To me it’s just a statement of fact. Black Lives Matter. Brown Lives Matter. White Lives Matter. All Lives Matter.

I was aware Black Lives Matter (BLM) was a movement, but it seemed I needed to know more. I looked it up. …

I found an old book in a Used Book Store near Sydney Australia with a foreword written by Albert Einstein. It described the Theory of Relativity in such a simple way. Essentially that time has no meaning except as a sequence of events.

Since then I’ve tested it. I’m clear that if you believe something is impossible you won’t even try. If you believe Einstein, you’ll focus on the sequence of events.

Example 1
My husband Robert’s father drowned while trying to save his dog in a lake near his home in Wales. Tragic, and obviously sudden and unexpected, and we…

Susan Meredith

Energy Advisor, Influencer and Author of “Beyond Light Bulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management” and “Ask Mother Nature” podcasts

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